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The Paper Microscope

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What's up?


Believe it or not: Here's a microscope, made from nothing but paper, two lenses, a plastic mirror and a drinking straw. Although this is not the kind of material you would expect to be used in an optical instrument, the facts are quite amazing:

  • 50 x magnification
  • gear drive for focus setting
  • high quality plastic lenses
  • mirror to collect light for transmission view


What you need

Sorry, but the sheet of this kit is not available for download: the microscope would be useless without the proper lenses - which are very hard to obtain for a reasonable price.

This is why this kit is no available from a german toy trade company, the "Phantasia Versand". Have a look at their web site at

or send an e-mail to

Right now, only a german version of the kit is available. But if the company gets enough inquieries for an english version, they might think about producing on.

Building the Microscope

Once you have the kit, building the microskope is not to difficult. Nevertheless, some skill is requiered to mount the lenses (without ruining them with the glue ...) and to assemble the gearing of the focussing mechanism.

Included with the kit is a twelve page booklet that gives a brief description of the optics used in the microscope.

This is followed by a step by step instruction on building the instrument. There is not to much to go wrong ...


If you have questions regarding the puzzles, feel free to contact me at .I would also appreciate if you leave a comment in my guestbook!

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