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Welcome to an expedition into cardboard science: With a knive and some glue, discover the secrets of motion pictures, rockets, curved mirrors and much more.

Most of these projects originally served as a christmas greeting cards - since 1995, I have designed a card every year and sent it out to my friends. Each one is somehow related to a physical or mathematical phenomenum.

This page gives you an opportunity to explore the cards yourself: You will find pictures, files to print out and background information - everything you need to build the paper puzzle yourself. Have fun!

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Tips and Tools

Klick here to become a successful paper engineer.



The magic Moiré pattern
Two different images appear at the same place of the card when you hold a transparent foil in front of it.

under construction


The anamorphotic christmas greeting
No chance to decypher this strange image - unless you have the right conical mirror.
under construction

The New Year's Zoetrope
Build this paper kit and watch the illusion of a running champagne bottle.

Klick here to build your own.


The pneumatic paper rocket
No fire. No smoke. No explosives. But nevertheless, this rocket reaches up to five meters into the sky.

The only fuel is some air you compress by hitting the bellow of the launch pad.

Klick here to hit the sky.


The Climbing Santa Claus Robot

Hanging on a rope within the chimney, Santa will climb UP if you pull the end of the rope DOWN. How is this possible?.

under construction


3D Images
Enter into the third dimension using spectacles with one red and one green color filter.
under construction

Santa Claus' Packing Problem

The sleight is ready and waiting. Santa is in a hurry to dispatch all christmas presents. There's just one problem:Can you pack all 17 present boxes into the boot of the sleigh?

Klick here to help Mr. Santa.

Instant White Christmas

You're dreaming of a white christmas? Here's one right out of the box. Dip your paper tree into the 'magic liquid' and the very next day it will be covered with 'snow'.

Klick here for a white christmas.


The Paper Microscope

Believe it or not: here is a real microscope made from nothing but paper plus two lenses and a mirror.

Klick here to learn more.

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Legal Stuff
© of all puzzle designs by Georg Eggers. Some puzzles base on other inventors' ideas. These persons - as far as they could be ascertained - are listed on the puzzle pages. Permission of reproduction is granted for educational and non-profit puposes only!

All material on this pages is supplied as is. There is no liability neither for any fitness of any puzzle nor for any damage that might result from it. No responsibilty is assumed for user comments or linked contents.

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